Honda Trimmers

American Rent-All, LLC is proud to carry Honda trimmers. These 4 stroke trimmers are both powerful and more environmentally conscious. Honda means reliability and quality. Let the staff at American Rent-All, LLC help you pick the right Honda trimmer for your yard. We also offer the all new VersAttach system at American Rent-All, LLC. Choose a power head and up to six accessories, from trimmers and edgers to tillers and hedge trimmers. Why buy from us? Our customers come first. Our expert sales team will spend the time with you to make sure your Honda trimmer is going to match your specific needs. We will set it up and service it for you, and we will show you how to operate it safely before you leave. And because we offer great products at great prices, you’ll know you got the best value at American Rent-All, LLC.
MSRP $349.00 $329.00
MSRP $379.00 $359.00
MSRP $429.00 $399.00
MSRP $319.00 $299.00
MSRP $359.00 $349.00
Trimmer Attachment
MSRP $129.00 $109.00
Edger Attachment
MSRP $169.00 $155.00
Pruner Attachment
MSRP $199.00 $179.00
Hedge Trimmer Attachment
MSRP $209.00 $189.00
Cultivator Attachment
MSRP $239.00 $209.00
Blower Attachment
MSRP $129.00 $115.00